What Prepaid Cards Work with Zelle 

What Prepaid Cards Work with Zelle

For those who have witnessed transformation in mobile banking, you will agree with me that mobile banks like Zelle have transformed the way we move money around, as well as purchase goods and services online.


 Formerly, most of us usually wait for quite a while trying to transfer money from one bank account to the other. But with platforms like Zelle, the process has become very easy and you can simply transfer money to another account within seconds. 


Zelle as a payment platform works with most banks in the USA, however, it lacks a general support of prepaid cards from most of those banks it works with. That is the focus of this blog post, we want to take an in-depth analysis on some of the prepaid cards that work with Zelle .


1.The American Express Serve

 The American Express Serve is a reloadable prepaid debit card that you can use for lots of  transactions, including sending and receiving money with Zelle. 


With the American Express Serve, you can  manage money and make payments without even having the need for a traditional bank account. To use the Serve card, all you have to do is to first  load money onto the card.

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 You can do this by linking your bank account to the Serve account and transferring money from your bank to the Serve card. Also, you can load money onto the Serve card at any of their more than 45,000 reload locations across the U.S. 


Once you have money on the Serve card, you can

use it to send and receive money with Zelle. As you already know, Zelle is a fast way to send and receive money with anyone who has a U.S. bank account The American Express Serve prepaid card is highly supported by Zelle. 


Zelle  is available to customers of many major banks and credit unions, and the American Express Serve card is among the prepaid cards that can be used with Zelle. 


With Zelle, customers can send money to anyone with a U.S. bank account using only their email address or mobile phone number. Zelle is available on the American Express Serve mobile app and website, as well as through other Zelle-supported apps and websites. 


There is no fee to use Zelle with the Serve card, and funds are

available to the person you are sending to within minutes. To use the Serve card with Zelle, you first need to add the card as a payment method in the Zelle app or website. 

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Once the card is added, you can then start sending and receiving money with other Zelle users. American Express may place limits on the amount of money you can send or receive with Zelle. 


2.The Netspend Prepaid Visa 

While the Netspend prepaid Visa is not directly supported by Zelle, However there is a workaround that allows Netspend cardholders to use Zelle.


 For you to do this, you’ll need to link your Netspend card to a bank account that is supported by Zelle, and then you can use Zelle through that linked account. This method is a bit more complicated than simply using a supported prepaid card like the American Express Serve, but it can be done.


 Please keep in mind that this workaround may not work for all Netspend cardholders, so it’s best for you to check with your bank  first to see if it is possible.


3. The Green Dot Prepaid Cards

The Green Dot card is another prepaid card that you can use on your  Zelle in a few different ways. First, you can use the Green Dot mobile app to send and receive money through Zelle. 


All you need to do is add your Green Dot card to the app and then follow the instructions to set up Zelle. Once you have Zelle set up, you can easily send and receive money from your friends, family, and even other Zelle users.


Another way you can use Zelle with Green Dot is by linking your Green Dot account to your Zelle account. You can do this through the Zelle app or website. Once your accounts are linked, you can easily send and receive money through Zelle.


 But you have to keep in mind that there may be some fees associated with using Zelle through your Green Dot account, 

It’s also possible to use a Green Dot card at an ATM to withdraw cash, which can then be used to fund your Zelle account. Just be sure to check with your bank if there’s any fees involved before you do so.

4. Bluebird American Express Card 


This is another prepaid card that you can easily use with your Zelle. The Bluebird by American Express card is supported by Zelle. For you to use Zelle with your Bluebird card, you’ll need to first link your card to the Zelle app or website. 


Once your card is linked, you can send and receive money from other Zelle users. Although you should keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your card information when sending or receiving money, so be sure to have your card handy.


There are some limits on how much money you can send and receive through Zelle. The daily limit is $2,500, and the weekly

The limit is $10,000. 


If you need to send or receive more money than that, you’ll need to contact your bank so they’ll assist you. Also, you may be charged fees for using Zelle, so be sure of the fees so you are not taken unawares.

Final Thoughts

Like we said at the beginning, it’s not every Prepaid Card that can be used on Zelle, however during the course of this blog post, we were able to research some of the best Prepaid days you can easily use to make some transactions via Zelle.


 We talked about The American Express Card, The Bluebird American Express Card, Green Dot prepaid card and the Netspend Card.


 If you are looking for a prepaid card that can work perfectly with your Zelle, you can simply choose from any of these options we mentioned in this blog post.


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