English French Translator app For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

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#1 EngFraEng: English French Translator app and French English Translator app

✓ Easily translate English text to French using our free English French Translator App. You can also translate from French to English.

✓ Using inbuilt voice recognition technology, you can type your text using your voice and then translate the text. This convenient feature allows you to translate regular conversations. You can translate your English voice to French and French voice to English.

✓ Using inbuilt speak functionality, you can listen to words or sentences. Click on speaker and app will read English words / sentences. App will also read French words / sentences.

✓ Use it as a Dictionary. You can type your words in English and get the exact word in French. You can type your words in French and get the exact word in English.

How to use English French Translator?
1) I have copied a text, how can I translate?
A) Click on 'Paste' button and our English French Translator app will translate the text

2) How to change language?
A) Click on swap button (2 arrows) on the top of the screen. Clicking swap button changes the translation direction between "English to French" and "French to English"

3) I want to say some text and translate?
A) Click on 'Mic' button and say the text. Once you are finished with voice typing, click on 'Translate' and English French Translator app will translate the text.

4) How do I use it as English to French Translator?
A) Enter text in the first text box and click 'Translate' and our app will translate your English text to French.

5) How do I use it as French to English Translator?
A) Clicking on 'Swap' button changes the translation direction. Once you set the direction from French to English, enter text in the top text box and click 'Translate' to translate from French to English.

Features of English French Translator:
✓ 1. English to French Converter / English French Translator.
✓ 2. French to English Converter / French English Translator.
✓ 3. Voice typing in English. Voice Translation from English to French.
✓ 4. Voice typing in French. Voice Translation from French to English.
✓ 5. Easily share the translated text to other apps.
✓ 6. One click share translated text to Whatsapp or FB Messenger.
✓ 7. English to French Dictionary (or) French to English Dictionary.
✓ 8. Consumes very less memory.
✓ 9. Super fast.

Thank you for using our English French Translator App!

pro-tip: Using swap button, you can use this app as French English Translator app

If you have any issues/feedback/suggestions/ideas regarding our English French Translator app, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

How To Install and Download This App For PC, Windows and Mac

To use effectively on your computer, you need to download it using emulators. BlueStacks works as the most reliable emulator for downloading Android applications. Follow the steps:
  1. Download and install the emulator on your computer for run English Fren - after the download, You will find a shortcut on your desktop or downloaded files to your computer.
  2. Open BlueStacks and find the Google Play store. To easily access the Google Play Store, make sure you are signed in to your Gmail account.
  3. Open the Google Store, locate the English Fren App, and click the app to open it and install it on your windows.
  4. Open English Fren and enjoy the amazing features.



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